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Version 1.1 - Dos mode Version will be released soon

Version 1.2 - UNIX mode Version will be released soon

Compare Archive 1.0 is a tool used to compare ZIP or JAR (Java Archive) or WAR (Web Archive) or EAR (Enterprise Archive) files and generate a detailed html report. The application is written in Java 5.0.

The application unzips all the files and uses the binary byte comparison to compare each file in the archives. The byte comparison is very robust, more accurate and much faster then than the normal text comparison. 

The final comparison report is generated and stored in the folder configured in the admin screen. The html report is user friendly and lists the following - the missing files in the first archive file, the missing files in the second archive file, the non identical files in both archives and the identical files in both archives.

The admin section has the following controls over the application

  • The report folder can be specified in the section where all the newly generated reports will be stored.
  • The specific EJB implementation files can be ignored when the files are compared.
  • Any files can be ignored in the comparison by giving the extension in the specified text with ; seperator.